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Brand Story

My childhood was as pleasant as many other children born after the Vietnamese war. It pertained to small thatched houses, where my father, mother, and siblings gathered around in a small room. It was a fresh, lovely house although it was not the most comfortable as the five of us didn’t have much living space. 

At that time, our family earned money from growing beds of vegetables, raising cattle, and especially from my mother’s garden of flowers which would be sold at Tet – the traditional holiday of Vietnam. I can never forget the New Year’s Eve, when the spirit of Tet spread throughout the people, making the streets more and more packed as the night went on. But our Tet only began as the flowers were all sold, usually by the end of the 30th when the freeze of the night came.

Lối đi Và Bungalow
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Though it was hard and deprivable, I love my childhood. I love the ricefields, the bamboo strongholds, beds of flowers, and the small river which my brothers and I would swim in. I love all of those natural and simple things. 

Time flies, Vietnam, my fatherland has much changed. Nonetheless, whatever wonderful places I’ve ever been to, I still crave to relive those fond Vietnamese memories. 

That is the reason that Nan house was born – homestay bearing the imprint of pure Vietnamese village which is recreated in the heart of the tourist area – the world cultural heritage Trang An – Tam Coc – Bich Dong Ninh Binh.

At Nan house, you can find the familiar moments of childhood in the 70 years before the thatched roof, surrounded by golden ripped rice fields, stunning mountains with extended bamboo trees and the flowers that my mother liked the most.

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Khu ăn

Nan House is a harmonious combination of the past and the present, bringing about wonderful experiences, especially for those who love Vietnamese culture.

Come to Nan house – enjoy every balanced moment of life!

Embrace Nature. Explore Nan house.