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The opening ceremony was bustling in a beautiful sunny day! Thank you to the first visitors who came to experience Nan house. We believe that every guest has had an unforgettable impression here.

In a small corner of the globe, there is an S-map. On the map,there is a world-famous natural heritage, the stunning TAM COC!
And in this place, NAN HOUSE was born to fulfill the vacation of visitors from near and far …
A homestay in the midst of a rocky nature, among a ripening rice field and friendly, plain farmers.
Come to Nan House to feel the beauty from within, to be immersed with nature, and to enjoy every moment of the balance of life.

Hopefully Nan house will help the guests to feel the most obvious natural flavors and pure Vietnamese characteristics of the old days.

We look forward to providing the best services and experiences for your holiday to be complete and full of joy. Feel free to contribute ideas to Nan house to improve every day.

Nan house sincerely thanks!

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